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Cornerstone Communications Group continues to be a leader in government affairs,public relations, and issues management. We strive to provide clients the attention,professionalism, expertise, and support required to achieve their respective goals.

Our Clients

Public Affairs/Government Relations

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Association Management

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Georgia Society of Anesthesiologists (1992-present)

Public Affairs/Government Relations

  • GA Foundation for Independent Colleges, Inc. (1990-present)

  • GA Chemistry Council (1992-present)

  • GA Affordable Housing Coalition (1998-present)

  • GA Society of Anesthesiologists, Inc. (1992-present)

  • Georgia Superior Court Clerks Association (1992-present)

Digital Records Archiving

  • Columbia County (Georgia) Office of the Superior Court Clerk

Financial Services

  • Cherokee Townhomes Homeowners Association

  • South Atlanta Modern Language Association

  • Georgia Superior Court Clerks Association